From the residents and their family members that have lived with us.

"Aging disease, diminishing abilities and ultimately death, are hard things to face for anyone. However, when you are facing it with you loved ones it can be devastating. 

     Our family feels fortunate that our aging parents were surrounded by the caring knowledge at Imperial Manor. When our family was facing some hard truths as our parents struggled with Alzheimer's we were comforted that they lived in Imperial Manor.

     As a family they made sure we had everything we needed. We lived a distance away from Imperial and we stayed in the hospice room with our Father. They cleaned for us, did laundry, and made sure that we were able to focus on the last days and ultimately hours and minutes we had with our Father.
    Our Mom is a resident at the manor also and they gave her a special kind of caring that is rare in this world. They were caring and considerate and helped her as her husband of 57 years was passing from her hands into God's hands. 

     This kind of care was not specific to only the time our Father was in hospice. My parents have been kept comfortable, safe, and been well taken care of during their entire time at Imperial Manor. 

     Imperial Manor is "home" in every way."

                                                                                                                                                          Gratefully and sincerely, 

                                                                                                                       The family of Wayne and Sharon Raasch